It is a daunting prospect for lab and dentist trying to track lab jobs from start to finish. However Cable Dental does just this –‘tracking dentist’s lab jobs from start to finish. Cable Dental provides a simple and well organised framework for both technicians and dentists, which ultimately delivers a seamless case pathway from the dental practice to your lab and back to your happy customer


More Time to focus on quality for work
Less Stressful communications with your dentists
Less human errors
Instructions more likely to be followed
Less Mistakes
Jobs Less Likely to get lost
Cases more likely to turn up on time
Jobs tracked from start to finish
Bettter Lab Financial Measurement
Are you a Lab?

The track phase will help you and your customers find where each case is, identify which technician is going to work on it, or has already worked on it, when and for how long. as well as being assured that and was it on time and is it is going to be with your patients on time.

The Report phase will end the following hard to find answers. Do you know how many jobs have been placed with certain dentist’s?customers and or, whether or not you are charging properly? And even more importantly can you identify at the click of a button which products and services your customers are buying from you or not so you can target new revenue streams? The Reporting phase in Cable Dental also provides an accounting and reporting system giving your financial controller full control of your cash flow. 

More job control. More happy customers. Less chaos

To successfully implement bridging the void in your lab to dentist communication breakdown, you need the right tools. Cable Dental combines the tools you need - case tracking, wowing customers and their patients, and real time reporting - into a single, online system that automatically tracks, measures, holds accountable your technicians and dentists alike.