Software Partners

Richlyn has over 20 years’ experience in providing software solutions and has a strong management and maintenance presence when designing bespoke software. They have had notable success with their Property Integrated Management System (PIMS) and Stock Control, Order Processing & Accounts System, the design of which has been utilised for Cable Dental. Richlyn also developed the Lab Cable product. The Company believes they are a strong partner with an excellent track record with clients such as the World Health Organization, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

Over the last 15 years Dataphiles have helped hundreds of organisations, large & small, build websites, web applications, database systems & mobile apps that perfectly fit their business processes, generating efficiency & cost savings, brand recognition & competitive edge.

Cable Dental have formed a strong and exclusive partnership with Dataphiles to build them Cable’s own Practice Management Desktop App that allows the dentists to launch their orders directly from within the dentists’ practice management software systems they rely on and use every day. We all believe this project will revolutionise the way the dental market worldwide orders lab work from its suppliers.

Dataphiles experience in the dental market is no better demonstrated by the fact that they were approached by My Dentist to create a Customer Engagement platform to help their 700 UK practices send interactive SMS appointment reminders, recalls and interactive surveys to their 10 million patients. Dataphiles worked closely with the MyDentist team to build a hosted solution with sophisticated reporting, access levels, SMS technology and full integration with their existing practice software. Dataphiles have successfully delivered > 50 million text messages through this platform to MyDentist’s patients.

“We have worked with Dataphiles for over three years on several big projects including the recent Friends and Family Test for over 540 of our dental practices.  They have been professional, responsive and committed to finding us the best solution to our requirements.  I would highly recommend them to other organisations”




Established in 2011, Labtrac Solutions is a software house focused on developing solutions for the dental laboratory market. Their product range consists of both desktop and web applications that are all cloud enabled to allow users to access their data from any location. They also offer a range of services to enable a laboratory to take full advantage of the web and other 3rd party cloud offerings. Their team has collectively over 40 years knowledge of the dental laboratory software industry.

Cable Dental and Transactor Systems Ltd 

Cable Dental and Transactor have been working closely together for over a year now developing a special working relationship and API integration so that the orders added onto Cable Dental sync directly into the Transactor program making the life for their 400 laboratory clients so much easier. Furthermore, this integration has been designed so that the two systems compliment each others strengths making a complete digital workflow from the dentists chair to the dental lab and back again. Much forward thinking has been given to ensure that together Cable and Transactor are at the forefront of the digital and scanning revolution that is apace within dentistry. 

Our mission together is to provide our customers with good quality reasonably priced software and first class support. To listen to feedback and remain focused on thoughtful and practical design so that our software is user-friendly, robust and gets the job done quickly.

Historically, the Transactor program first was used in 1995 by local laboratories to help them get their work and statements out on time.  Today, Transactor Lab Manager is the UK’s most popular Dental Laboratory administration software trusted by over 400 UK laboratories and more worldwide.  

Would just like to say what a wonderful team you are at Transactor – the support you show to us as a company is 2nd to none. I cannot express how helpful you all are no matter how small or large our problem is you’re always there on the end of the telephone to remote and assist. Thanks again to you all – wonderful service would recommend you to anyone thinking of having a new lab programme.

The support you show to us as a company is 2nd to none…

Liz - Aesthetic Dental, Hall Green, Birmingham

The Company has a technical advisory panel of software and IT experts as set out below, who will advise the Company on the Company’s software and IT development, maintenance and protection.

Richard Cowley, Chairman

Richard is the founder of Richlyn, the Company’s software partner in the development of Cable Dental. Richard, together with Rick Cusimano and other members of the Richlyn team, built the Cable Dental platform and the Lab Cable product.

Rick Cusimano

Rick built the Cable Dental platform alongside Richard Cowley and the Richlyn team. Rick is managing director of Richlyn and has worked with Marcus Rickard for over 5 years, initially on the development of the Lab Cable product.

Carole Hailey

Carole is a founding partner of Waterfront Solicitors LLP, a London-based law firm specialising in IT, IP and commercial law. Prior to setting up Waterfront in 2002, Carole was head of legal at CMG Plc, a FTSE 100 IT company. Carole’s expertise covers all aspects of the provision of commercial IT software and services.