How much does it cost?
We have a number of packages available that we are happy to run through and put together a bespoke package specifically for you and your lab as you all come in different shapes and sizes
Will we still need to book in the work for when it arrives at the lab?

If you’re a Labtrac user, the short answer is no because all of your order details are imported directly into Labtrac as the dentist completes their job within Cable. You just need to check and launch in Labtrac.

If you don’t use Labtrac you will need to book the job in the usual way which you will have received in advance. Order details can taken straight from CABLE.

What are the next steps if we want to go ahead?

Simple, we carry out Daily Lunch & Learns with dentists to ensure they are fully trained and registered for Cable. 

Can we amend the orders once they are on Cable?

Yes you can

How long do the jobs stay on Cable for?

One of the great benefits about Cable is that all jobs and information is held within Cable forever. So, you won’t have to search endlessly within your archives for a particular job


How do I know my information is safe within Cable?

Cable has to make sure that all requirements are met with regards to keeping your dentists details, patient information and price list secure within the Cable platform. With this, Cable has taken all the necessary steps to keep your details safe, secure and protected within the Cable platform by means of relevant security measures online.


How does our information appear within Cable?

We simply import all of your information to the Cable platform so you have nothing to worry about

What if our network or internet goes down within the dental practice or lab?

Cable has this covered! Because Cable is a web based system/service, it can be accessed through all mobile devices that support 3G and 4G coverage so you never have to worry about missing a single thing.


How long will the training take before I can use Cable?

We only require a maximum of 45 minutes for dental practices for which we will run through the initial video explaining how the Cable platform works. Within the 45 minutes we have also allocated time for questions and answers as well as running through the registration process.

For dental labs, we require no more than an hour for which includes 2 videos of how the Cable system works and questions and answers.

How do I get my products and price lists to you?

If you’re a Labtrac user - with your permission, we will import your data straight into CABLE

If you don’t use Labtrac, then we ask for a list of the products and prices in an Excel format which we will add into CABLE. 

You then sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of using the Cable platform.